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What are the Best Foods to Eat with Horseradish?

Horseradish ranks among some of the spiciest foods around, which makes many people leery of using it in recipes or as something to spread like a condiment. But they’re missing out on a great addition to many meals, and it offers a much different experience than something like salsa or mayonnaise.

You can eat prepared horseradish with just about anything savory, but we’re going to discuss a handful of the best foods to eat with horseradish.

5 Best Foods to Eat with Horseradish

Remember that “horseradish” is just a root in the same mustard plant family as cauliflower and turnips. But what you buy in the stores is actually called “prepared horseradish,” which is the root grated and combined with vinegar to stabilize the heat.

Salad Dressings

Don’t just limit your horseradish-influenced salad dressings to just creamy dressings. Think about dropping a teaspoon into a regular vinaigrette to really spike up the flavor quotient! Your salads will brighten up considerably, and each bite will give your nose and mouth a reason for looking forward to the next bite!

Prime Rib and Steak

This is probably one of the more classic uses for prepared horseradish, as a cream sauce for you to dip your succulent prime rib into. Add some horseradish to sour cream, with a little vinegar, Dijon mustard and salt and pepper, and you have a perfect creamy complement to the savory bite of beef.

Baked Fish

From cod to salmon, there are plenty of “horseradish-crusted” recipes out there for your fish of choice. The crusty/creamy topping is usually baked on top of a hearty piece of fish, which gives it its crusty/crunchy texture.

Most recipes will tell you to combine things like mayonnaise, bread crumbs, parsley, chives and citrus along with the prepared horseradish. Spreading that on top of the fish before baking is a great way to add texture to your baked fish.

Twice-Baked Potatoes

It’s an interesting idea – baking something, taking the insides out, mixing it with new stuff, then shoving it back into its skin, then re-backing it! I’d like to do that with cake!

But a twice-baked potato, whose insides were spooned out and mixed with prepared horseradish, chives and – wait for it – BACON – makes for a great side dish!


This is kind of cheating, since we’re actually referring to eating sushi with wasabi, which is what some refer to as Japanese horseradish.

Nigiri, which are the pieces of raw fish or cooked shrimp laid across a ball of rice, usually already has wasabi on it. But did you know that mixing wasabi in with your soy sauce is not the proper way to eat it? The aroma of the wasabi is chemically dissolved into the soy sauce, which undermines its affect.

While this is just a small handful of the best foods to eat with horseradish, you better believe there are dozens more, including drinks like Bloody Mary’s! Just keep in mind that prepared horseradish brings the sinuses to life and often make for a great component that brightens up any meal.

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